MAGFest 2019 thoughts

Hey guys, sorry for being late with this post but here are my thoughts on this year’s MAGFest!

I really enjoyed it! Me and my dad pretty much went for the whole weekend, though there were times where I was by myself. Thankfully I didn’t bring any of my handheld consoles this time around. I also manged to make some friends as well.

We didn’t spend too much time on Thursday and Friday, and the time we did spend on those days were in the arcade and the console area, though I did go to a few panels. I also attempted twice to sign up for a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, but that didn’t work out.

Saturday was where we spent the most time (of course). While we were in the arcade and console areas most of the time, though I did go to the marketplace area and bought two PS1 racing games: Rollcage Stage II and Motorhead. I also went to SilvaGunner’s panel.

This was also the day I signed up for the pinball tournament, which I went to on Sunday. I didn’t qualify, but I at least felt like I did a decent job.

On Sunday (the last day of the conference), while I went to the arcade and console areas, my dad went to the LAN PC area, which I went to no too long after to check up on him.

Because it was the last day and all the computers were about to be shut down at some point, very few people were there.

While on my own, I went to the museum area, which was nice, and there were lots of old computers, some of which I already knew about (like the Commodore brand computers).

Also, while I practically bathed myself in hand sanitizer for most of the convention (for obvious reasons), I STILL managed to catch a cold anyway, which lasted for a few weeks.

Aside from that, as I said before I had a great time at MAGFest and hope to be there next year.

Stay tuned for more reviews; as a bonus, here are a few photos and photos me and my dad took in and outside of the conference (that’s me on the right in the first two photos):

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