My quick thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Lite

(Again, sorry for the lack of activity on here lately; life stuff has been getting in the way for the most part.)

Hey guys, Gamerrethink here to provide my quick thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

I had a feeling that they were going to release a smaller Switch as (obviously) Nintendo releasing more compact versions of their consoles is nothing new (IE. Nintendo DS Lite).

I think it will be a good option for young children, people on a low budget, and people who primarily just want to play the Switch in handheld 100% of the time (The Switch Lite isn’t dock-able, just thought I’d clarify that).

Minor things like the battery life don’t sound too bad either.

However, the stuff I’ve been hearing regarding the drift issues with the Joy-Con’s may or may not pose a threat to the console in the long run, as they’re bulit-in instead of detachable, but we’ll see.

You can read more about the Switch Lite on Nintendo’s website in the above link.

See y’all later.


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