Tempest X3 reivew

Tempest X3 PlayStation Front Cover

After Interplay¬†ported Tempest 2000 to the Sega Saturn, DOS, Mac, and Windows, an enhanced version the game, Tempest X3, was released for the PlayStation in November of 1996. And its my favorite version of the game ever. Let’s get this review started, shall we?

Gameplay: The game has three modes: Tempest X, Tempest Duel X, and Traditional. Tempest X is basically an updated version of Tempest 2000, only with some flaws: Instead of acting automatically like in Tempest 2000, the A.I. Droid only follows you, and the particle laser is not as effective as it was in Tempest 2000, this can get quite annoying when there are lots of enemies on-screen. Tempest Duel X is the multiplayer mode, and Traditional is the original Tempest. No power ups, no “Eat electric death!” move, just good old Tempest. I give the gameplay a 8/10.

Graphics: The graphics look pretty nice for PS1 graphics. I give the graphics a 7/10.

Controls: Odviously this game is pre dual-shock, luckily, not only did this game have mouse compatibility, but it also has support for Namco’s neGcon, and the Nyco trackball. I give the controls a 9/10.

Sounds and music: The game still has that awesome soundtrack of Tempest 2000, though I’d still prefer to put the Tempest 2000 soundtrack on your Ipod, or put all the songs on a blank CD and listen to it on your CD player or in your car. I give the sounds and music a 9/10.

Replay value: This game will have you stuck to your PlayStation console for hours on end and the 2 player makes it even better. I give the replay value a 8/10. 

Buy/Rent/Forget about it: A definite buy for shoot em up fans. Though some people prefer the Atari jaguar version of the game, I’d recommend this game to everyone.



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