MAGFest 2016 thoughts

Hey guys, sorry for being late with this post but I’m back from MAGFest 2016!

This years MAGFest, like last year took place at the Gaylord national resort and convention center. I went with my dad for the most part (I was by myself for most of the third day). I had a great time for the most part but on Saturday that was unfortunately ruined once I ended up losing my (likely stolen) 3DS ¬†with Super Smash Bros. inserted (I still have the case and manual though) while at the con (keep in mind that Dad warned me not to take it with me to the con). On top of all this I got sick too. Fun night. -_- I then went to the Lost and found of the conference for help but they couldn’t find it which means I have to shell out more cash to buy a new one. The employees at the Gaylord hotel were of no help either as even they couldn’t find it.

Oh, and I also entered a NERF war which Dad captured on my phone and I entered an attendee run tournament of The New Tetris for N64.

Overall I had a good time at the con which was squandered hard by me losing an expensive handheld and getting sick for 1 1/2 weeks.

Stay tuned for more reviews.