Another Hiatus Apology/My Experience at Super Smash Con

Hello everyone, it’s me again. Yeah, I’ve been getting a bad case of writers’s block review-wise, but don’t worry, I’ve still got some reviews I wanna post to the site.

Now that that is out of the way, I’d like to talk about my experience at Super Smash Con this August. I went with my dad and some of my cousins, and I pretty much a had a great time.

They had tournaments, vendors, arcade cabinets, indie games, etc.

My favorite part of the experience was the hall of games section. although all of the stuff were Nintendo consoles and games on display (provided by, I thought it was a nice little section to fascinate some video game history buffs.

My worst part of the experience was when we were at the section where we could play if we wanted to. Unfortunately one of the employees at the con said that we have to bring our own controllers. Me, the cousins and Dad didn’t bring one, leading us to buy third party GameCube controllers from eStarland (which was 2 minutes away from the Dulles Expo Center where the con took place).

Overall, I had a great time and hope to go to next year’s MAGFest.

Stay tuned for more reviews!