Review: Rez (2001)

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: United Game Artists

Release Dates:
January 7, 2002 (PS2, NTSC)
November 22, 2001(Dreamcast,NTSC-J)
January 11, 2002 (Dreamcast,PAL)

Story: There’s not much of a story in this game, but I’ll just use the games description from the back of the box: “Through the use of light, sound, and rhythm, you alone must take control of the network and its music in an attempt to unlock the system’s secrets and bring “Eden” back online.”

Gameplay: There are 4 game modes: “Travelling”, “Score Attack”,”Play” and “Beyond” mode (which i wont describe as i haven’t unlocked the mode yet). “Travelling” mode lets you play through the levels without taking any damage, “Score Attack” in wich you try to get your best score on any level, and “Play” is the main game. The levels consist of mostly 10 zones until you reach the end level boss, and the game itself is very simplistic and easy to pick up and play. I give the gameplay a 9 out of 10.

Graphics:The graphics are where this game REALLY shines! The look of the wireframe levels, polygons, enemies, and bosses are very beautifully detailed(For example: one of the bosses is a ball made of triangles). The interface is also nice looking as well! To Dreamcast owners, if you REALLY want to see how beautiful Rez is in terms of graphics, make sure you have a VGA box and PC monitor. Otherwise, you’re missing out. Overall the graphics are very nice and fit the look of the game pretty well. I give them a 9 out of 10.

Music and Sounds:The game’s music and sounds are mostly electronic music and its catchy and memorable at best. Also, if you can get your hands on the Japanese PS2 version, there’s a collectors edition that comes with a “Trance Vibrator” that vibrates with the music. I give the music and sounds a 8 out of 10

Controls: The controls are very easy to learn – To shoot hold down the X button which locks on up to 8 enemies and release the X button,the left analog stick moves your character, and the circle button uses the overdrive power-up (which destroys everything on screen). I give the controls a 8 out of 10.

Replay value: You’ll mostly go through all the stages, and unlock beyond mode. I give the replay value a 7 out of 10

Final Thoughts: This game is a great and terrifc rail shooter from SEGA that has beautiful graphics, great gameplay and a pulsating soundtrack.


The Critics Say:

“Rez has given me a new appreciation for the Dreamcast console. I play this game on a 42-inch plasma with a VGA adapter, and it’s a thing of beauty.” – The Video Game Critic

“Rez is lush, exciting, addictive, and best of all innovative!” – PSX Extreme