Blast Chamber review

Blast Chamber PlayStation Front Cover













Publisher: Activision

Developer: Attention to Detail Limited

Release Date: October 23, 1996

Gameplay: The gameplay is innovative and simple – you’re basically a guy with a bomb on your chest and you have to take a yellow crystal into your colored reactor to preserve your time limit and lower others…Yeah, its that kind of game. There are 20 chambers that you have to endure. There are some power ups in the game but I won’t list them here. I give the gameplay a 8/10.

Graphics: Nice and colorful. I give the graphics a 7/10.

Music/Sounds: The music is not to special and it is hard to hear over the action thats going on. The sounds are nice too. I give the Music/Sounds a 6/10.

Controls: Simple controls, not much else to say here. I give the controls a 8/10.

Replay value: Very high replay value, the multiplayer will keep you hooked for hours on end. I give the replay value a 10/10

Buy/Rent/Forget about it: Buy. If you like 4 player games, then pick this this one up. Its a hidden gem in the PS1 Library.