My wisdom tooth surgery experience

Hi everyone, it’s me again.

If any of you are wondering why I posted no review last Thursday, it’s because I went to get ALL FOUR of my wisdom teeth taken out that day.  Many years ago my wisdom teeth had been diagnosed by dentists as having cavities in them. Leading up to the surgery, my parents told me what would happen before and after the surgery.

My parents scheduled an appointment in late July, and when the day finally came (August 30, 2018), I was of course very nervous. However, when they put me to sleep. I didn’t feel anything and next thing I knew, I was sitting in a dental chair. I was surprised that the surgery went well and that they didn’t have to cut into my jaw or anything like that.

Of course, after the surgery ended, I hate to bite on a gauze pad for the first  day, go on a soft food diet for a week, rinse my mouth with saltwater after every meal, etc.

I may feel fully recovered by Friday of this week (September 7, 2018). Normally scheduled reviews will continue next week.

See ya’ll later.

Review: Zoop (PS1)

Zoop (Long Box) Box Front
Box art courtesy of GameFAQs.

Publisher: Viacom New Media (Defunct)

Developer(s): Hookstone Productions (went defunct around 1998 – most of its staff formed the Leeds division of Rockstar Games)

Release Date: October 31, 1995 (North America) November 22, 1996 (Japan)

Also released on: SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, MS-DOS, Sega Saturn, Atari Jaguar

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Yet Another Hiatus Apology

Hi everyone, it’s me yet again.

Yep, full review-wise I’ve still got a bad case of writer’s block, but I’m planning to get out of it next Thursday, as my dad gave me a good suggestion to start writing stuff again.

I am also planning to buy an Elgato capture card in the future, because while I want to include game play samples recorded by me in my reviews, I want them to look presentable.

And the reason for my way too long hiatus during this time may have a bit to do with the fact that I’ve been focusing on my part time job in tech support (which I have been doing really good in, BTW).

In the meantime however, you can follow me on twitter at

Stay tuned for more reviews.